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Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home how to use this ancient healing technique to manage physical, mental and energy levels

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reiki masters training course

If you want to heal yourself and others Reiki may be able to make your dreams become reality.

Reiki (The Universal Life Force) is an incredible discipline that could cleanse your body and further your spiritual understanding of yourself and the world around you:

  • It could push away pain, anxiety, and negative emotions that constantly hang over you … like parting clouds and letting the light shine through.
  • It may let you experience the joy of healing others, of watching for the first time their shock and astonishment at the Reiki Healing techniques you are harnessing.
  • It could bring balance to your life, heal your Chakras, and fill you with contentment and a deep sense of understanding.
  • I know, because that’s what it did for me and that’s what it is doing for my students.

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Becoming a Reiki Practitioner and/or Master doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t require person to person instruction.

In the past the only way to become a Reiki master was to find an instructor, pay attention to what they were telling you and attend their classes whilst practicing, practicing and practicing even more.

Eventually you would learn to master the techniques being taught and slowly you would attain the level of Reiki Master.

Of course, there was a problem or two with this system of learning: Traditional Reiki lessons are very expensive and it could take years to learn. The majority of people didn’t have the time or the money to learn in this fashion.

A few years ago a new method of training became available which went against all the previously held concepts; learning Reiki at home at your own pace without the need for an instructor to be present.

This was life changing but who would want to learn this way? Well, the answer soon became obvious. Many thousands of people wanted to learn Reiki and this was the way they could do it without spending a fortune and “wasting” years of their lives.

At first all the training comprised was some books and cassette tapes but nowadays our Reiki Masters Training Course For Beginners contains a mountain of books, videos, audio lessons and other essential resources which you can inspect here.

This astonishing method comes directly from Master Mikao Usui’s works

For many, many years, Master Usui’s writings weren’t available to the world. They were hidden away or lost, but recently, one of his personal writings was uncovered and translated.

Indeed, it’s the very piece of writing detailing exactly how he developed Reiki in the first place. So I thought I needed to take his work, rearrange and rewrite it and make it more ‘relevent’ to modern users which is what I did and The Reiki Masters Training Course For Beginners was born.

reiki masters training course
Mikao Usui – The founder and pioneer of modern Reiki
Reiki Training Course

The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui developed the Art of Reiki alone on Mount Kurama in Japan.

He didn’t have an instructor to guide and teach him, and yet he was able to learn to heal others and he explained exactly how to do it in this newly discovered writing.

It used to take years of face to face classes to become a certified master but Usui’s method allowed him to start healing others all on his own. It didn’t even require an instructor which was a good thing as there was nobody to instruct him.

If you know absolutely nothing about Reiki it’s possible for you to learn to heal others using real Reiki techniques using the same method.

We teach you this method in The Reiki Masters Training Course For Beginners.

This comprehensive program will give you all of the tools you need to perform powerful Reiki sessions on both humans and animals in addition to teaching others.

See What’s Inside Our Reiki Masters Training Course

Reiki Masters Training

What former students are saying –

“There is a lot of information to take in but it seems like this course covers every aspect of reiki practice which is awesome.”

Cris D

reiki masters training course for beginners


This complete guide will teach you everything you need to know about Reiki and the techniques you can use to confidently perform Reiki on yourself and others as well as use it in your everyday life.

53 Video Modules, Plus A Full Audio mp3 course & 3 Reiki Training Manuals (One for each level) plus a huge quantity of downloadable resources.

Bonus Reiki and Meditation music
Full Lifetime Access To All Your Content – All Training Materials are Downloadable to your computer for ease of accessing videos

Find out more here – Reiki Masters Training Course For Beginners

What former students are saying –

“Amazing course. Valuable information. Clear explanations. Engaging delivery. Helpful practice activities. Accurate course description. knowledgeable instructor.

Siddharth R

Learn to take control of your life

What former students are saying –

“Definitely learned a lot.”

John T

This is how you can learn to become a Reiki Master using the same method Master Mikao Usui did. Without expensive classes and at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

The Reiki Masters Training Course For Beginners is my comprehensive Reiki training that is based on the methods of Mikao Usui.

The Course:

  • Gives you a working system for healing yourself, your friends and your loved ones.
  • Shows you how to practice Reiki from the comfort of your own home (no need to travel to classes).
  • Helps you discover the power of Reiki from Mikao Usui’s original writing… a precise, eloquent and simple application of the art.
  • Gives you what you need to learn Reiki without face to face contact with a Reiki instructor (Mikao Usui himself clearly indicates what it takes to learn and become proficient at Reiki, and it does not include direct contact with a teacher or practitioner).
  • Teaches you a simple and proven means of moving from Reiki practitioner to Reiki Master faster than you would when learning the ‘traditional’ way.

What Do I Need To Do About Attunements?

Self Attunement

I believe there is a place and time for master to student attunements, but most of the time you are much better off undertaking self attunement utilising meditation and self awareness.

This is how Mikao Usui attuned himself when he developed the art, as I mentioned earlier, there was nobody who could possibly attune him, so he developed self attunement.

Upon request we will supply you, free of charge, with our short booklet detailing how to self attune.

So if you just want to start learning the art of Reiki at your own pace, in your own space without spending a lot of money, then you’re in the right place.

Use this simple, convenient, and very affordable way to become a Reiki Healer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I need to be attuned by a Reiki Master?
  • A: No, you do not. This is a common misconception among the modern Reiki community. Attunement can be achieved by following our self attunement guide. We’ll show you exactly how it’s done inside this short, informative booklet.

  • Q: Is Reiki a religious faith?
  • A: No it is not a religious faith. It makes no difference if you’re Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or any other religious faith or even a complete atheist. Reiki is not a religion and does not conflict with any religious beliefs whatsoever. It is simply learning to work with the energy that exists all around us; energy that all faiths embrace.

  • Q. Can I access my training materials once I have finished the course?
  • A. Yes. You have lifetime access and if you prefer you can download all the course materials to your home computer.
  • Q. Is there a time limit to complete the training course?
  • A. No. You can complete the course at your own pace and whenever you want, wherever you want.

What former students are saying –

“World’s best course on reiki.”

Shaista N

What former students are saying –

“The information is extremely clearly presented and the course looks like it is going to be very informative.”

Jose G

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